The Brooke County Health Department works closely with our school systems to assist in different educational and promotional programs to aid in the prevention of disease spread in the county.

Pictured below is Gary the Germ that drops by the kindergarten and Pre-K classes to help them learn about what germs are, how they are spread, and what they can do as children to prevent the spread of germs.


Gary and Community Wellness Representative April Eltringham at Franklin Primary School (2015)


Gary the Germ in Mrs. Perez class . The kids in the county earned their official “Germ Fighter” Badge.


Gary the Germ and Brooke County Health Departments Sanitarian Britney Farris at the BHS Pre-K class (2015)



Gary the Germ Beech Bottom Primary 2018 With Community

Wellness Representative April Eltringham


Community Wellness Representative April Eltringham

also teaches Brooke County students about ticks and the

disease they spread.



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